Drag the Reviews Stack to your stacks page and drop it in place. Click the button to add the Yelp stack.

Business ID

The Yelp Stack uses a Business ID to uniquely identify a place. You can find the Yelp Business ID in the URL for the business page. The ID appears after in the address bar, and is generally composed of the name and location of the business separated by dashes.

For example, the ID in the following URL is "yelp-san-francisco":

Note: Some Business IDs may have a number at the end.

Cache Folder

The first time that the Yelp Stack imports reviews, if the cache folder does not already exist, it will be created automatically inside the resources folder. Depending on your web server setup, you may need to manually create the folder and make it writeable (e.g. SELinux).

Yelp API data cached for a maximum of 24 hours.

Review Style

Choose either the Classic, Spotlight or Speech Bubble styles.

Num. Reviews

A maximum of three reviews are downloaded from the Yelp API and displayed on your web page. If for some reason you want to display less than three reviews, you can choose to display two, or even just a single review.

Min. Rating

Sometimes Yelp may send low rated reviews if they think that these reviews have been the most useful. You can choose to prevent these reviews from being displayed by setting the minimum review rating.

Note: If you choose to display only 5 star reviews and Yelp sends only 4 star reviews, then no reviews will display on your webpage.


Some businesses get reviews in different languages. When the Yelp Stack fetches the reviews from Yelp, it also receives a list of available languages. Select Show Languages and publish your page. A list of available languages will be output to the Browser Console Log.

Example: de, en, es, fr, ja, nl, pl

To change to one of the available languages, enter the corresponding Locale Code in the Stack Settings and republish the page. You will need to manually delete the cached reviews file inside the cache folder on your server before you can see any changes.

Note: The default locale is en_US

Browser Console

General erros, API errors and cache information will be output to the browser console log. This information is useful when troubleshooting problems.